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Dehydrated Skincare Routine (Hydrating For Dull Skin)

Dehydrated Skincare Routine (Hydrating For Dull Skin)

If you’ve noticed your skin feeling tight, looking dull and lacking that plumpness and glow, you might feel you have dry skin. But unless, that has been how your skin has always felt and looked, most likely you have dehydrated skin.

Remember, dry skin is a skin type, but dehydrated skin is a condition caused by various internal and external factors.

Stress and fatigue are some internal factors that can cause your skin to feel tight and constrict blood vessels and restrict blood flow. When we’re stressed, just like our body may feel tight and immobile, the same happens with your skin. This affects your skin’s ability to retain moisture.

External factors like a harsh and pollutant filled environment can strip away at your skin. Particulate matter, dust and smoke particles wear away the top layer of the skin, exposing the sensitive dermis underneath and causing your skin to feel dehydrated. Using the wrong products can also have that effect on your skin.

Dehydrated skin doesn’t mean that
your skin isn’t producing enough sebum, it’s more that the sebum you do make may be removed from the skin and the skin is not able to hold on to it.

To combat this, you need to use products that minimise stripping away of this and help you retain the moisture and oil on your skin.  

Cleaning your skin

It is important to ensure you’re using a gentle cleanser that not just doesn’t strip away at your skin’s natural oils but also fights the internal and external factors that have caused your skin to get dehydrated. Detoxie’s Anti-Pollution & De-Tan Refreshing Face Wash helps clean your skin gently and removes any remnants of pollution from your skin.


After washing your face, use Detoxie’s Anti-Stress & Hydrating, Youth Preserve Face Moisturiser to relax your skin and de -stress it, while locking in the hydration and preventing it from escaping.

The moisturiser is also infused with a rich blend of milk proteins, almond oil and Japanese matcha, which work well to boast collagen production and make your skin plump.

Sun protection

Exposure to the sun and the UVA and UVB rays can cause damage to your skin, especially contributing towards the dehydration. The UVA rays reach us all year around everywhere, through the thick clouds in the monsoon to and your house windows. It is important to make sun protection a daily part of your skin care routine. We recommend Detoxie’s Anti-Pollution & UV Filter, Glow Boost Day Cream SPF 25 as a part of your daily skin care routine. It has a sun protection factor as well as gives your skin a glow.

For your sunscreen needs. There is always Anti-Pollution, PA+++ Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 with Japanese matcha and super sun protection!

Face Oils and Serums

Face oils and serums can be fantastic products not only to lock the moisture back in your skin but also to relace your face. Massage Detoxie’s Calming & Clarifying Ultra Glow Face Oil in to your skin every night before going to bed to help your skin say moisturised as well as to sooth it. Detoxie’s Fatigue & Stress Repair, Vitamin C Face Serum boasts collagen production as is great for the skin’s overall health!

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