Monsoon Hair Care

Monsoon Hair Care

Hair care must not be stagnant. It should be ever growing and ever changing
Your hair and skin have different needs in different types of environments. Come monsoon, the air is high in humidity with frequent, unavoidable showers.

The high level of moisture in the air can lead to more frizzy and unmanageable hair. The build up of moisture combined with sweat leaves your scalp vulnerable to infections, dandruff, and breakage.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to take good care of your hair during monsoon:


  1. Stay dry: Try keeping your hair as dry as possible. Make sure your scalp is getting plenty of ventilation and you do not tie them up if they are moist or sweaty. Avoid using heat on your hair and instead air your scalp under a fan.


  1. Use anti-bacterial products: Use products with anti-bacterial and clarifying properties on your hair to ensure there is no build-up of dead skins or bacteria on the scalp. Ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe vera and coconut oil help in soothing the scalp and getting rid of any fungal or bacterial growth. We recommend Detoxie’s Hard Water Relief, Hair Fall Control & Pro Growth Shampoo With Redensyl, Onion Oil, Apple Cider & Japanese Matcha. The apple cider and Japanese matcha wash away any and all kinds of pathogens, while soothing the scalp. Both onion and redensyl have hair growth properties.


  1. Hydration: Humidity related frizziness is caused when your hair gets too dry and try sucking up the moisture from the air, leading them to warp and your hair styles to ruin. The counter to that is keeping your hair hydrated so it does not feel the need to soak up extra moisture from the air. Use products that help lock the extra moisture, like Detoxie’s Keratin Repair & Shine Restore Strengthening Hair Mask, with Argan oil and keratin, both of which help repair damaged hair and provide lots of moisture!


  1. Use strengthening products: The rain tends to make your hair limp and weak, making them prone to damage and breakage. Use products with keratin to give your hair the extra strength and prevent breakage. We recommend Keratin Repair & Health Restore Hair Tonic with veg keratin and soy protein that repair and protect your hair.
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