Screen Relief & Blue Defense Glow Boost Face Serum

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The serum is specially formulated to act as an umbrella that protects skin from HEV damage and at the same time imparts natural glow, deep nutrition, and quick plumping impact. With Liposhield, 5% Vitamin C, 5% Niacinamide, 2% Hyaluronic Acid and other natural ingredients, this is your skin's nest friend. And......Your skin's screen guard!

Screen Relief & Blue Defense Glow Boost Face Serum

Screen Relief & Blue Defense Glow Boost Face Serum

Rs. 990.00

a super potent serum


Award winning active to protect from blue light damage

5% Vitamin C (Kakadu Plum)

100% natural and stable form of vitamin C

Active Content

5% Niacinamide, 2% Hyaluronic Acid

Orange Extract

Maintains oil balance of skin

Amla Extract

Guards against pollutants

Mushroom Extracts

Hydrates & brightens skin

Best Way To Use It

AM & PM on a clean face

Best way to use the serum at morning or night is on a clean and a slightly damp skin. Apply it 15 mins before stepping out of the house in the morning, or 15 mins before going to bed at night.

Goes well with a moisturizer

If you feel the need, you can apply a light moisturizer or even a suncreen if you're going to be stepping out in the sun. We highly recommend the face pack with this serum to be used at least once a week for good results.

Results You Can Expect

Cleaner, healthier, glowing & brighter skin in about 20 days. Well, the more important thing is the "un-noticed" result it provides in protecting your skin from the harmful blue radiations of electronic devices, which slowly makes your skin prone to pigmentation. Didn't they say - prevention is better than cure!

All Ingredients

Each 10g contains: Agaricus Campestris (Mushroom) Extract 200 mg, Embelica Officinalis (Amla) 200 mg, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Extract 200 mg, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Liquorice) Extract 150 mg, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Extract 150 mg, Citrus Sinensis (Orange) Extract 100 mg. Other Excipients: Xanthan Gum, Hyaluronic Acid, Propanediol, Liposhield, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C(Kakadu Plum)

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