Vitamin C & How A Serum Can Work Wonders

Vitamin C & How A Serum Can Work Wonders

If you are a skin care afficionado, you have likely heard of the wonders of Vitamin C and the recent prevalence of Vitamin C face serums.

The thing about Vitamin C is that since it is a naturally occurring substance, it suits all skin types. It is also a multi-tasking king, working to repair, strengthen and brighten skin. Vitamin C boasts collagen production which promotes new layers of skin to form.

Serums have a low viscosity and high concentration of ingredients, making them effective agents to deliver the goodness of the product deep into the skin and provide fast results.

Some of the benefits of a Vitamin C face serum include:

  1. Quick Absorption: Since serums are extremely light weight, they penetrate deep into the skin’s layers and get easily absorbed, making them the perfect first step to your skincare routine.
  2. Good for sensitive skin: Because of their composition, serums are good for sensitive skin types and especially beneficial for people with oily skin and acne prone skin.
  3. Removes fine lines and wrinkles: Serums help improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Ingredients like retinol and Vitamin C, common components of face serums help the texture of the skin.
  4. Protects from free radical damage: Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant and prevents free radical damage from UV rays, light and pollution, especially Detoxie’s Fatigue & Stress Repair, Vitamin C Face Serum, which has special properties to fight the damage caused by pollutants.
  5. Quick results: The high concentration of ingredients is like delivering a Vitamin C packed punch to your face, making the serum highly effective and showing quick results.
  6. Relaxing: Detoxie’s products are specially curated to relieve fatigue and signs of stress from your skin. The Vitamin C face serum helps relax your muscles and promote a healthy blood circulation relieving the effects a fast-paced urban lifestyle has on you.
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