Hairfall Control Shampoo

Hairfall Control Shampoo

Hair Fall Control Shampoo


We may wear different clothes, speak different tongues, but one thing is common, across genders and ethnicities and that is hair fall, and nothing is as diverse and dynamic as ‘gharelu nuske’ for the said hair fall. Be it homemade concoctions of various items better to be eaten than applied or posters after posters of celebrities posing with product bottles which shiny photo shopped hair.

More often than not, we take them as a one size fits all, forgetting that just like any other, hair fall is a targeted problem and thus requires specific solutions.

Our body is lined with many hair follicles, which are concentrated in specific areas of our bodies, the most socially acceptable and desired of them being on the head. To understand hair fall, once needs to understand the type and cause of shedding:


Hair that is damaged, weak or brittle often tends to ‘snap’ or ‘break off’, meaning it grows properly from the follicle, but it is in the middle of its lifecycle that it falls. To counter breakage, one needs to focus on the lengths of the hair and use products that protect and nourish the strands of the hair more than the roots.

Actual ‘fall’

Hair that has a weak or damaged follicle causing hair to fall out with its roots. This needs products that target the scalp specifically.

To identify if your hair is breaking off from the root or middle, try and see if you tend to lose more hair while combing or during daily activities and if one side of the hair strand has a ‘hair bulb’ or are both the sides jagged. The ‘hair bulb’ is the root of the hair and if the strand has the bulb, it could mean your follicle is the main problem.

Hair falling off from the roots can underlying medical reasons such as disease or infections, which may require treatment from a professional. However, many times hair fall is also due to stress, build-up, and exposure to harsh elements of the environment. In such a case it is important to use a clarifying treatment that counters the effects of the pollution, relieves the follicles of stress and stimulates them into boasting hair production!

We recommend Detoxie’s Hard Water Relief, Hair Fall Control & Pro Growth Shampoo With Redensyl, Onion Oil, Apple Cider & Japanese Matcha

The patented Rednesyl technology along with onion is proven to stimulate hair growth while the apple cider clarifies the hair, ridding it of build up and maintaining the pH. Matcha, grown in organic farms of Japan deeply detoxifies and relieves the muscles of all the stress.

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