Hair Products For Hard Water

Hair Products For Hard Water

In all the woes of environmental exposure, hard water’s role is often ignored. The fact is a place with no pollutants can also have hard water supply.

What is ‘hard’ water?

Hard water is the common parlance term given to water which has a high mineral content, which can make it difficult to a achieve a lather or a thorough rinse, causing buildup in your hair, which can leave behind residue.

The harsh mineral deposit can also cause damage to the hair shaft, thinning it out, causing breakage and hair fall as well as exacerbate and irritate existing conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Hard water also tends to cause dryness and can cause micro aberrations in your skin.

How to know if you’ve been using hard water? If you’re living anywhere that’s not next to a stream or lake, chances are you get hard water. Another good indicator is to check if your taps frequently get callous deposits on them or if you find you have to use a lot of soap/detergent to get a good lather.

Since all of us can’t leave our cities homes to be closer to freshwater reserves, Detoxie’s come up with a specific range of products to suit your urban lifestyle!

To take care of your luscious locks, you can use our special Hard Water Relief, Hair Fall Control & Pro Growth Shampoo With Redensyl, Onion Oil, Apple Cider & Japanese Matcha formulated to counter the harsh effects of hard water and help maintain your hair’s pH, while gently clearing away build up!

If you’ve already experienced some hair damage due to hard water, try Detoxie’s Dry & Damage Repair, Sun Block Hair Serum and Keratin Repair & Health Restore Hair Tonic to breathe life back into them and also to provide them with another layer of protection. For an even deep condition use Keratin Repair & Shine Restore Strengthening Hair Mask, a protein infused mask that helps fill in the hair bonds and make them stronger.

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