4 Common Pollution Devils In Your Daily City Life

4 Common Pollution Devils In Your Daily City Life

A fast-paced city life can have some unwitting costs. The hustle and bustle often leads to an increase in stress and exposure.

The human skin is the body’s largest organ and plays the role of a barrier. The protective ability of the skin is not unlimited, and problems arise when an abnormal exposure to environmental stressors exceeds the skin's normal defensive potential. This means that your skin and hair are the first casualties in the war against pollution.

The Problems


Ultraviolet radiations have been proven to accelerate skin aging and premature wrinkles. UV penetrates deep into the skin easily even with minimal exposure. UV rays can lead to permanent scarring of skin that’s already damaged so it’s even more vital to protect your skin if you’re prone to acne.

Particulate Matter

You know that AQI that’s usually 400+ in Delhi in winter? Studies have shown a significant correlation between PM pollution exposure (traffic particle and soot) and extrinsic skin aging signs, such as pigment spots on face, nasolabial folds, and wrinkles.

Pollutants such as fumes, cigarette smoke

The sad fact is whether or not you’re a smoker doesn’t really matter; you’ll be exposed to it regardless. Cigarette smoke is extremely abrasive and damaging to the skin. Premature aging, discolouration, pigmentation, an orange tinge and what studies refer to as a ‘smoker’s face’ are common among people exposed to cigarette smoke and other fumes.  

Hard Water

Hard water’s effects on hair are often neglected. The minerals present in hard water can make it difficult to achieve a thorough rinse, causing buildup in your hair, which can leave behind residue. It can also cause damage to the hair shaft, thinning it out, causing breakage and hair fall.

The most common effect of hard water on your skin is dryness. If you have sensitive skin, psoriasis, or eczema, hard water can make conditions worse by drying out your skin even more.


Unfortunately, if you live in a city, especially in India, escaping pollution is impossible. It is however possible for you to protect your skin and hair from this damage and counter it.

Detoxie is India’s first anti-pollution skin and hair care brand geared towards the fast-paced life, and we have a special range of products curated specially to counter that hard water and PM you come in contact with everyday. Our products come infused with Japanese Matcha, well known for its clarifying and antioxidant properties along with Kaolin Clay, Seabuckthorn Oil and other carefully researched ingredients that provide an extra layer of protection while actively working to repair your skin and hair.

The way to protect your skin and hair from pollutants is to ensure you are using products that provide an extra layer of protection, like the Detoxie Anti-Pollution & UV Filter, Glow Boost Day Cream SPF 25 to stop the radiations and abrasives from wearing off the skin, especially in cities that have severe air pollution

Along with protection, it is also important to constantly use restorative products, that relax the muscles, promote blood flow and repair the shaft to counter the damage caused. You can check out the Detoxie Hard Water Relief, Hair Fall Control & Pro Growth Shampoo and Anti-Fatigue & Anti-Pollution Glow Restore Face Pack on our website!

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