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Anti-Pollution & UV Filter, Glow Boost Day Cream SPF 25

Your perfect outdoor partner!

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A multi-action, lightweight & fast-absorbing face cream that protects your skin all day from free radicals in the environment. The antioxidant-rich combination of Japanese Matcha, Okra & Seabuckthorn Oil delivers powerful youth preserve properties by sinking into the skin to leave it juicy, hydrated & glowing. It works hard like you, All-day!

Highlight Ingredients

  • Japanese Matcha

  • Okra

  • Sea Buckthorn Oil

  • Hyaluronic Acid

The Results You Can Expect

  • - Protects skin from daily urban pollution.

  • - Moisturizes and hydrates skin.

  • - Rejuventes skin cells.

How To Use

  • Cleanse your face preferably with Detoxie Face Wash

  • Apply the Day Cream directly or as a layer on top of the face serum

  • Gently massage in an upward motion till completely absorbed

  • Works best in combination with detoxie face serum. To be used in the day only.

All Ingredients

  • Purified Water, Vitamin E Acetate, Tamarind Extract, Sodium Hydroxide (50%), Sodium Benzoate, Shea Butter, Seabuckthorn Oil, Potassium Sorbate, Polysorbate 20, Okra Extract, Octyl Salicylate, Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate, Niacinamide, Moringa Oil, Moringa Extract, Licorice Extract, Isopropyl Palmitate, Hyaluronic Acid ( 1.0% ), Gotu Kola Extract, Glycerin, Fragrance GT Champagne, Emogreen L 19, Dryflo PC, Disodium EDTA, Carbopol 940, Camellia Sinen

Why Is This Better

  • Using the Detoxie day cream over a period of time helps you get rid of blemishes, dry and dull skin. It also slows down the ageing process that come along with environmental pollution. You can expect an even and glowing skin tone over a period of 30-45 days of regular use.

Who Is This For

  • This is an unisex product, which means it's good for both, men and women. However, we do recommend you to do a patch test before regular use.

  • What is external ageing?

    External ageing is what happens to the outer skin, the visible part of your skin or complexion when we’re unable to take care of it. You should know that 70% of signs of aging skin – fine lines & wrinkles, spots, uneven skin tones, dull skin, loss of firmness, sagging, pigmentation – are due to external ageing. And thanks to our environmental factors and urban lifestyles, this could start as early as in our twenties.

  • How does the daily weather affect skin?

    The weather weighs on our skin on a daily basis. Common elements include sunshine, temperature, humidity, rain, snow, and so on. At times our skin has to make this adjustment rather quickly, which can throw off the moisture balance and lipid barrier function of the skin which often is noticeable visibly.

  • How does pollution affect skin?

    Air pollution is more aggressive than ever considering the industrial boom and widespread use of transportation. Humans are burning more and more fossil fuels for our industrial lifestyles, releasing particulate matter into the atmosphere. These pollutants create free radicals—unstable molecules that damage healthy skin cells and cause visible signs of premature aging.


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