Hard Water Defense Bundle

Hard Water Defense Bundle

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Infused with the goodness of Grapeseed Oil, Redensyl, Argan Oil, Keratins, Soy Proteins, Onion Oil, Almond Oil, and more, this dynamic trio of our top selling shampoo, conditioner & hair mask, works synergistically to protect your hair against hard water damage, reduce hair fall, and boost follicle strength

Safe & Responsible

Sulfate & Paraben Free
Dermatology Tested
Vegetarian & Cruelty Free
1% for Indian Army

Made For Hard Water. Made For City Life

In the hustle of city life, hard water, laden with escalating TDS levels, has become a silent adversary, leaving hair dull and lifeless. Our Haircare Powerhouse Trio is your urban shield, combatting the rising threat of hard water damage. Enriched with potent ingredients, it effectively neutralizes harmful calcium and magnesium deposits, ensuring your hair remains resilient, vibrant, and ready to conquer the urban beat. Elevate your haircare routine to match the pace of city life – because your hair deserves to thrive amidst the urban hustle!

Redensyl Patented active for hairfall reduction

Onion Peel Oil Improves volume & shine

Hydrolysed Soy Proteins Improves hair texture

Apple Cider Extract Strengthens hair and lowers scalp PH

Argan Oil Prevents split ends & breakage

Grape Seed Oil Makes Hair Shinier

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