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Hair Fall Control & Anti-Dandruff Capsicum Shampoo

Deep Nourishment & Damage Repair

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Enriched with extracts of Capsicum, Curry Leaf, Fenugreek, Wheat Germ and added nutrition of Soy Proteins and Vegetable Keratins. This hair fall control shampoo is good for all hair types including curly hair and is made with only natural ingredients and ZPTO. We know its tough, so bye-bye dandruff!

Highlight Ingredients

  • Capsicum Extract

  • Curry Leaf

  • Fenugreek

  • Vegetable Keratins

The Results You Can Expect

  • - Removes dandruff.

  • - Reduces hair loss.

  • - Conditions hair.

How To Use

  • Wet your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.

  • Apply generous amount of the shampoo on your hair/scalp and massage gently.

  • Incase you have a sensitive scalp or extra curly hair, dilute the shampoo in a little water.

  • Wash it off clean & follow with the Detoxie Hair conditioner or Hair Mask.

All Ingredients

  • Azadirachta Indica (Neem) 200 mg, Capsicum Annuum (Mircha) 150 mg, Murraya Koenigii (Mitha Neem) 100 mg, Trigonellia Foenum (Methi) 150 mg, Anethum Graveolens (Soya) 500 mg, Triticum Sativum (Gehu) 500 mg

Why Is This Better

  • A sulfate free,nourishing shampoo that cleanses well, does not dry your hair and fights the ill effects of hard water including relief from dandruff and flakes. It also strengthens the hair follicle and reduces hairfall.

Who Is This For

  • This is an unisex product, which means it's good for both, men and women. However, we do recommend you to do a patch test before regular use.

  • How often should I use capsicum shampoo?

    If you use a Detoxie Capsicum Shampoo, 2-3 times a week depending on your hair/water condition would be sufficient. It should help to remove all that mineral build-up from the hard water. It washes away lingering residue and restores shine.

  • Does hard water lead to hair loss?

    Hair texture is a reason of concern for almost everyone. Busy schedules, hectic lifestyle leave you with little or no time to follow a proper hair care routine. By the time you start following a healthy hair care routine, the damage is already done. However, an important factor that many people ignore is the water quality. Hard water, which is quite common in most of the places in India, is one of the main reasons for excessive hair fall.

  • Is this shampoo suitable for all hair types?

    Yes! This shampoo formulation works wonderfully well for all hair types.


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