Strain Relief Cream
Strain Relief Cream
Strain Relief Cream
Strain Relief Cream
Strain Relief Cream

Strain Relief Cream

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An all-natural formulation, made for the workaholic in you. Be it that extra effort in the gym or the all-nighter on your laptop, this cream almost instantly relieves you of all the stress & pain from your neck & back. Take the pain out of your efforts!

Safe & Responsible

Sulfate & Paraben Free
Dermatology Tested
Vegetarian & Cruelty Free
1% for Indian Army

Why is this needed or fits in well for your fast paced urban lifestyle?

Strain Relief Cream is convenient for on-the-go application, allowing individuals to easily incorporate it into their daily routines. By providing targeted relief and addressing muscle strains, this cream is tailored to meet the specific needs of city dwellers, helping them stay active and maintain a balanced lifestyle amidst the urban hustle.

Hemp Seed Oil
Anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce pain

Wintergreen Oil
Works as a “counterirritant” to relieve muscle pain

Clove Oil
Contains eugenol, which is a natural anesthetic. It helps numb and reduce pain

Peppermint Oil
Has a cooling sensation that may help ease tension

It works by causing the skin to feel cool and then warm - distracting you from feeling the aches/pains deeper in your muscles

Allantoin used as a moisturizer to prevent dry, itchy skin