Keratin Repair & Health Restore Hair Tonic
Keratin Repair & Health Restore Hair Tonic

Keratin Repair & Health Restore Hair Tonic

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An extremely effective hair tonic in an an easy to apply spray mechanism that protects hair from urban stressors including excessive heat styling, improves combability and reduces damage from excess force used against hair. The combination of Veg Keratins & Soy Proteins together, repair, protect and nourish your hair. You can even spray after your bath as the light water based texture does not leave hair sticky.

Safe & Responsible

Sulfate & Paraben Free
Dermatology Tested
Vegetarian & Cruelty Free
1% for Indian Army

Made Simple. Made Effective. Made For City Life

Living in the city exposes our hair to pollution, heat, and other environmental stressors that can leave it damaged and dull. This hair tonic is designed to combat these effects by offering intense repair and restoration. Enriched with keratin, it helps strengthen and rebuild damaged hair, reducing breakage and split ends caused by the harsh city conditions. The tonic also nourishes and moisturizes the hair, promoting its overall health and vitality.

Veg Keratins Restores its health and vitality

Hibiscus Improves its texture, prevents hair fall

Ginger Extract Stimulates blood circulation to the scalp

Neem Oil Antimicrobial properties

Amla Promotes hair growth

Aloe Vera Soothing and moisturizing properties

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