Enigma - Luxury Parfum Oil (Attar)
Enigma - Luxury Parfum Oil (Attar)

Enigma - Luxury Parfum Oil (Attar)

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Experience the alluring mystique of Oud, a scent renowned for centuries for its luxurious depth, entwined with the sweetness of sugar and the warmth of vanilla. Amber and Tonka bean infuse a deep sensuality, while the delicate essence of rose adds a floral sophistication. 

Safe & Responsible

Sulfate & Paraben Free
Dermatology Tested
Vegetarian & Cruelty Free
1% for Indian Army


To Last Looong!

Our parfum oils consist of the finest ingredients and oils sourced from India, UAE, France, & Spain and blended to perfection in India.

Oud A mystical journey unfolds with the exotic essence of agarwood, evoking warmth and sophistication.

Sugar Sweet and indulgent, sugar adds a delectable touch, creating a gourmand fragrance that is irresistible.

Rose Classic and romantic, rose brings a floral elegance, creating a timeless allure.

Vanilla Indulge in the sweet allure of vanilla, a comforting and seductive note, adding warmth and sweetness.

Amber A timeless classic, exudes warmth and sensuality, casting an enveloping, resinous embrace.

Tonka Bean With its warm and cozy scent, adds a sweet and comforting layer to fragrances.

Good for him & Her

You Can Share. But Won't!

We design for confidence, not for gender! Our fragrances are unisex, bold and most importantly... Remembered!

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