Calming & Instant Glow Organic Serum Sheet Mask
Calming & Instant Glow Organic Serum Sheet Mask

Calming & Instant Glow Organic Serum Sheet Mask

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A super-potent, skin-fitting, silky sheet mask, that delivers a healthy drink of ultra-hydrating organic extracts for a dewy glow in just one use. This serum sheet mask instantly calms the skin while delivering a radiant glow. The ONLY sheet mask you need!

Safe & Responsible

Sulfate & Paraben Free
Dermatology Tested
Vegetarian & Cruelty Free
1% for Indian Army

Why this is needed or fits in well for your fast paced urban lifestyle?

In a fast-paced urban lifestyle, the CALMING & INSTANT GLOW ORGANIC SERUM
SHEET MASK is a perfect fit. Its convenience saves time, as the pre-soaked mask requires no additional products or complicated routines. The calming properties soothe stressed skin, offering a moment of tranquility amidst a hectic day. With organic ingredients, it meets the demand for natural skincare, while its portability allows for on-the-go use. The mask provides a quick and effective solution to maintain healthy, radiant skin in the midst of a bustling urban environment.

Oatmeal Extract Soothes and nourishes the skin.

Rice Water Brightens and hydrates complexion.

Mulberry Root Extract: Evens out skin tone

Rose Flower Extract Promotes radiant and youthful skin.

Glycerin Moisturizes and softens the skin

Allantoin Functions as an antioxidant

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