We're India's 1st
Anti-Stress & Anti-Pollution
Skincare Company

Products Made For Your City Life

Whether it’s hard water that damages your hair or the pollution and stress that affect your skin, we want to address it all.
We create solutions that are the need of the hour. We understand the fast paced urban life and know what stress, fatigue and pollution can do to our skin. We aim to solve these problems one step and one product at a time.

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Fast & Visible Results With Honest Claims

Depending on the Detoxie product you choose and your skin or hair type, you can expect to see results in a few minutes to 45 days 
While we can do no magic, we do spend a lot of time formulating our products and bring you the best possible combinations to give you fast and visible results. 

Approved Formulations & Closer To Nature

We keep our formulations as close to nature as possible by using natural and naturally derived ingredients from around the world. All our formulations are either FDA or AYUSH certified and where required even dermatologically tested.

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Packed With Hygiene

We're extremely cautious when it comes to packaging. Most of our packaging us done on automatic machines so that the   
the product does not come in contact with unwanted hands, air or water. 

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Fair Pricing

Our products are specific in nature, and thus have some of the fines ingredients from around the world. However, we do not intend to take advantage of this.
We want to build an honest business without burning a hole in your pocket.

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No Harsh Chemicals

We will always be away from harsh chemicals and toxins. We are always free of sulfates, parabens and are never tested on animals.

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Plastic +ve & Recyclable

We always intend to recycle more plastic than we consume and more importantly intend to use recyclable material at all times.

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No Frills Packaging

We believe in less packaging and more product. Where it’s not necessary we will not use an outer box on our products and we’d rather give you a little extra product in exchange. Our labels too are without much design as we honestly believe in the power of our product.