Detoxie Regimes
Detoxie routines & regimes are made for the perfectionist in you, for the go getter who wants nothing but the best solution. We have carefully curated our routines for all your skincare concerns - be it sensitive or oily skin, acne related issues and most importantly tackling the pollution and stress related skin damage. Oh and we know perfection too needs a discount :) so pls use the code Regime and get a 15% off


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Dandruff Control & Frizz Control Combo
Sale priceMRP 1,350.00
Early Pigmentation Control Combo
Sale priceMRP 1,332.00
Midnight Correction Regime
Sale priceMRP 2,160.00
Daily Pollution Defence Combo
Sale priceMRP 1,296.00
Daily Hair Protection Combo
Sale priceMRP 981.00
Protection From Blue Light
Sale priceMRP 2,745.00