Tips To Control Frizzy Hair

Tips To Control Frizzy Hair

Tips To Control Frizzy Hair

You can have trouble managing frizzy hair if your hair is naturally wavy or curly. Your condition can be made worse by some bad hair habits that you have. Here are some suggestions for frizz-free hair, from using damage repair hair conditioner to using heating tools properly.

1. Use A Good Hair Conditioner.

After shampooing, conditioner is essential to keep the hair strands hydrated. A quality conditioner stops the loss of surplus moisture. Make sure the conditioner contains elements that are moisturising. Use a hard water hair conditioner if you have it to lessen the effects of the hard water.

2. Use A Hair Mask.

Using a moisturising mask once a week helps to tame frizz. Use products that contain castor oil or coconut oil. These two oils are great for hydrating your hair and would make your hair shine.

3. Oil Your Hair With Coconut Oil.

Using pure, organic coconut oil is great for your hair and helps control frizz. You can use it as a mask, an overnight treatment, or use a tiny bit to smooth over the flyaway hairs. Other naturally moisturising oils, such as argan oil and almond oil, are also good for keeping the hair frizz-free.

4. Let Your Hair Dry Up To 90% Before You Blow It Dry.

Partially air-drying your hair before using a dryer can work wonders for your hair. When you are doing so, you are preventing damage from heat. When the air is 90% dry, damage from heat is minimised. However, make sure to hold the hair dryer at a six-inch distance from your hair and move it around well to prevent overheating of a certain section. Also, remember to use the low heat setting on the hair dryer.

5. Co-Wash Your Hair Twice A Week.

Using only conditioner to wash your hair is known as "co-washing." Contrary to popular belief, hair does not need frequent shampooing. In fact, it strips the hair of its natural oil. When you wash your hair with conditioner only and skip the shampoo, the surfactant contained in the conditioner helps cleanse your hair and then moisturises it with the oils contained in it. Co-washing also helps to maintain the optimum PH level of your hair and prevents the natural oils from being stripped away. Using a repair hair conditioner when your hair is damaged is always a good thing to do.

6. Apply A Moisturising Hair Oil To The Ends Of Your Hair.

Many people face the problem of dry, frizzy hair after it is blow dried. It is a good idea to use moisturising hair oils like pure organic coconut oil on the ends. The hair oil eliminates frizz and restores the hair's shine. It penetrates the hair and revitalises it by moisturising the dried ends.Take a few drops of oil, rub your palms together, and apply it to the ends of your tresses. This tames frizz and flyaways.

7. Use Styling Tools On Low Heat.

Though it might appear that styling tools with heat, help tame flyaways and frizz, the result is the opposite. Using those tools on a high heat setting dries up the hair, making it prone to breakage and frizz. Therefore, use the heating tools at a maximum of 300 degrees, as anything above that might lead to swelling of the cuticles that eventually damages the hair.

8. Get Rid Of The Rough Towel.

It is crucial to properly dry the hair because it is most vulnerable to breakage and damage when wet. Your hair can avoid potential harm by being dried with the proper cloth. Using a towel that is overly rough or abrasive can break hair and make it frizzy. So, use softer fabrics, such as a microfiber towel. Additionally, using soft, worn t-shirts will prevent your hair from breaking and frizz and flyaways.

9. Choose Shampoo Wisely.

Choose a shampoo that is high in glycerin content and is sulphate-free. Sulfates remove natural oil from the hair and make it dry and frizz-prone. Glycerin penetrates the hair and moisturises it from within.


Final Thoughts

In addition to the above tips, it always helps to have a diet that is rich in protein for optimum hair health. If you have hard water, don’t underestimate the importance of using the correct hair care products, like hard water hair conditioner and shampoo. All the above tips will help keep your hair frizz-free.



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