The Ultimate Guide to reduce Hair Fall & Dandruff during summer

The Ultimate Guide to reduce Hair Fall & Dandruff during summer

Modern-day schedules, habits and environment have made proper hair care difficult. People are often exposed to scorching sun, wind and changing climatic conditions, which results in hair damage and loss.

According to research, summer is when people are prone to lose the most hair. In the summer, we don't need as much insulation as we need in the winter. As a result, the body sheds some hair to keep our heads cool. It also contains 10 to 15% water, and on hot summer days, part of this hydration evaporates, leaving hair dry.Dandruff is also caused by excessive dryness. The heat from the sun also destroys the protective protein in your hair, making it brittle and lifeless. Extreme heat can even harm hair follicles, resulting in frizzy hair.

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Below are some of the guidelines for reducing hair fall and dandruff during summer:

Hair Covering

If you're exposed to the sun all day, wear a wide-brimmed hat or scarf, or carry an umbrella. Further, you can also choose a hat that blocks off the sun's damaging UVA and UVB rays. These shields add protection to your scalp from the sun's rays. Further, staying away from items that might generate static electricity in your hair is recommended. 

Scalp Cleansing

The scalp generates too much sebum in the summer, resulting in greasy hair. Hence your scalp needs to be gently exfoliated and washed regularly to be clean and healthy. After all, good hair growth starts with a clean scalp.

Stay Hydrated

We tend to dehydrate rapidly in the summer owing to the extreme heat. Drinking a lot of water helps with a variety of health issues. We can flush toxins from our systems, stay healthy, and promote hair development by drinking enough water.

Proper Hair Ties

Old fashion from the 1980s and 1990s can be a useful and fun technique that can help you prevent your hair from being damaged. An elastic ponytail holder can harm hair if it is pulled too tight. To create a statement and preserve your hair, purchase vintage hair ties like bandannas.

Healthy and Nutritious Food

Healthy hair is nurtured from the inside with a suitable diet or hair supplements, which is essential for good hair development. Several nutrients also nourish the follicles and aid in producing natural oils, which help prevent hair loss. Some examples that stimulate full, thick hair development are dark green veggies rich in vitamin A & C, eggs and marine items rich in protein. 

One can implement the above practice with immediate effect to reduce hair loss and damage. Hair loss is a prevalent issue among numerous individuals. Detoxie recommends using the Hair Fall Control & Anti-Dandruff Capsicum Shampoo for deep nourishment and damage repair.

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