Turmeric Face Pack - The Magic Your Skin Needs!

Turmeric Face Pack - The Magic Your Skin Needs!

If your skin is lacking the glow inspite of your tedious skin care routine, the problem may not be what you’re using but what you’re missing out on! 

Skin that is routinely exposed to dirt, pollution and put under stress can often lose its lustre. No matter how premium your skincare products might be, unless they attack the cause of the dullness, you might as well be using plain water!

The wonders of turmeric are known throughout every household in India and now its fame is spreading to the west as well. The main compound in turmeric, ‘curcumin’ is known to be anti-inflammatory and soothing agent and turmeric itself contains anti-oxidants, which helps provide glow and lustre to the skin without drying it out.

This makes turmeric an especially valuable ingredient in your daily skin care routine, especially in winters!

For dry skin, turmeric can be combined with milk, or any other moisture locking ingredient like honey, tea tree oil, coconut oil, and aloe vera. Luke warm water can be added to make the mask reach a consistency that it makes it convenient for application. Adding rich ingredients like heavy cream or cream-based ingredients can be a good idea for those with super dry skin but should be avoided by people with acne prone skin. Leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it off.

To combat dry skin, also avoid adding infgredients like lemon juice or yoghurt, unless it is full fat yoghurt, as they are acidic and hence can have a drying effect on the skin.

Turmeric can also be mixed with water and used as is without any other ingredients as a form of do-it-yourself skin care at home.

This is why we recommend using Detoxie’s Anti-Fatigue & Anti-Pollution Glow Restore Face Packwhich is enriched with the goodness of turmeric, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin E in a form that allows them to settle into the skin and work properly to provide deep hydration to your face and protect it against the dry cold air of Winter, not to mention the Japanese Matcha sucks out the remnants of pollution in your skin to make it clean clear and healthy. 

The face pack is perfect for the fast-paced urban lifestyle as it is quick and easy to apply and totally mess free!

Just apply a thin layer to a clean face, preferably with our Anti-Pollution & De-Tan Refreshing Face Wash to complement the pack best, and keep it on for 15 – 20 minutes, while you go about your day! Wash off with lukewarm water to get a glow that will be the envy of everyone who sees you!


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