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The Sun & Pollution Are Out! Is Your Sunscreen?

It’s known that sunscreen is a vital part of your skin care routine especially when stepping out. Sunscreen has been proven to decrease your risk of skin cancer, along with preserving your skin’s natural glow, preventing sun burns, hyper pigmentation, wrinkles, etc. Sunscreen is also extremely vital if you’ve got acne and or are using any kind of acne treatment as the sun’s rays can make scars worse and acne treatment leaves the skin sensitive to extra damage.

However, not every run of the mill sunscreen provides the same benefits. Detoxie’s Anti-Pollution, PA+++ Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 has been specially curated to suit the active city life lifestyle.

SPF and PA+++ Accreditation

It comes with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 30, which means it’ll take you 30 times longer to get a sun burn with this sunscreen on than without any sunscreen at all. Furhter, the lotion has PA+++. The letters “PA” followed by plus signs (PA+, PA++, PA+++) on a label are a rating system developed in Japan to represent how much UVA protection the product offers. In simple language, PA+ means you get some protection against UVA. PA++ means moderate and PA+++ means high protections against UVA rays.

Special and Exotic Ingredients

Detoxie’s Sunscreen Lotion is paraben and cruelty free and OMC free. It’s made with ingredients like Japanese Matcha, which is packed with chlorophyll that protects the skin from sun damage and reduces photo-aging, which means less wrinkles and less sun spots. It has up to 137 times the amount of antioxidants as compared to regular green tea; and Raspberry Seed Oil, which naturally absorbs UV - A and UV - B rays without any artificial chemicals. It has phytosterols which repair skin after sun damage that the eye can’t even see.

Extra Protection

Not only the harmful rays of the sun, Detoxie’s Anti-Pollution, PA+++ Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 has been specially curated to provide you an all-round protection from smog, pollution, smoke and other pollutants your skin comes in contact with. The lotion forms a layer of protective skin over yours.

It is water and sweat proof and non-comedogenic, which means it can be safely used by people with acne prone skin.

With it’s amazing properties and multi-functional formula, Detoxie’s Anti-Pollution, PA+++ Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 is a must have!

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