Aloe Vera & Neem Face Scrub with Activated Charcoal for Anti-Pollution

Aloe Vera & Neem Face Scrub with Activated Charcoal for Anti-Pollution

It’s sad reality that if you live in an urban setting, the perils of pollution are something you cannot escape. The harmful particulate matter and smoke present in the air don’t just make it difficult to breathe but also wreak havoc on your skin.

Winter usually brings with it dry and dull skin, which we attribute to the dry air, but the truth is, pollution can be equally, if not more, blamed.

Particulate matter and particles of smoke and other pollutants can cause micro aberrations and tears in the skin, damaging the dermis. Further, these particles can settle into the skin, not just dulling your complexion, but causing other serious skin ailments as well.

Normal washes, while good enough to clear away dirt from your skin, are unable to deeply clear your skin and get rid of these pollutants. The build-up of pollutants further causes blockage of your pores, causing them to get even bigger while at the same time, clogging your skin so it is unable to absorb any product properly, which means the goodness of your serums and other expensive skincare products is unable to penetrate your skin and do anything at all, and you might as well be using water.

To make use the products you use are clearing your skin properly, make sure to check the ingredient list to ensure they are well equipped for the function. For example, Detoxie’s Anti-Pollution Face & Body Scrub comes infused with the goodness of Charcoal, which has the unique ability to suck out the impurities from deep within the skin and clear away the settled pollutants from the skin, giving a chance to your skin to truly glow as well as become receptive to your skin care products. The charcoal is complemented with Neem, which is renowned worldwide for its medicinal properties and help the skin heal. The scrub also has shea butter to provide moisture and nourishment to your skin.

A gentle, yet powerful, moisturizing body scrub that nourishes the skin while buffing dry spots, gently sweeping away dead skin cells without disrupting your skin barrier can be a food addition to your skin care routine to combat effects of pollution on the skin.

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